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    'I was able to attend your concert in Sopron yesterday. I admit that I rarely listen to live classical music, I rather listen to it on the record player at home. Yes, I still have vinyl records. I thought I'd write a review now, but I put it off. That's because there are no proper words for what I heard. I simply thank you, it was an unforgettable performance. I was impressed, and I have never had such a beautiful, soulful experience with pure elemental power in my life, the acoustics of the place obviously added to this. Finally, a huge asset in the musical confusion of our time, where your choir shines high on the mountaintop of this world.'

    Thanks for All!

    Dr.Kiss Tamás Ottó

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The Cantemus Choral Institute of Nyíregyháza tries to keep up with the demands of the online world. Over the years, we have appeared on more and more online sites, including social media sites. We have created our other platforms mainly to adapt to the Hungarian habits, but of course we are also trying to meet our international profile by broadening this palette. At the moment we are on Facebook (@cantemus) and Instagram (@cantemuschoirs). We also make our videos available on our own YouTube channel (@CantemusChoralInstitute) and our events on our Google platform.

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