The idea of organizing a Cantemus International Choral Festival first ocurred more than twenty years ago, after our ensembles had made friends with so many singers in other choirs in Hungary and abroad during their worldwide concert tours over the past few decades. We thought ’Why don’t we create an opportunity in Nyíregyháza for our existing and potential friends to meet and an opportunity for other friends of choral music to meet us all together?’

Since then the Cantemus Choral Institute and the Zoltán Kodály Primary School in Nyíregyháza have opened their doors many times to provide the oppurtunity for singers of all ages and in different types of choirs. We are now preparing to welcome children’s, youth and adult choirs of equal or mixed voices to the 13th Cantemus International Choral Festival wich will be held from the 20th of June to the 10st of July 2020

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