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  • Cantemus Karácsony

    Dear audience! We are very pleased to announce that tickets for our Christmas concerts in Nyíregyháza are sold out. Unfortunately, we are unable to create additional seats, but we will be able to broadcast our Christmas concert online on Wednesday 21 December 2022 at 19:00 in the Cantemus Digital Concert Hall. All you have to […]

  • "Operakaland" Helsinkiben

    The Cantemus Mixed Choir’s “opera adventure” in Helsinki. Schubert is widely regarded as the composer of songs, piano works, chamber compositions and symphonies. Fewer people know that the short-lived composer, who created so many masterpieces but achieved so little success, also tried his hand at opera. One of the most notable of these experiments is […]

  • Utózönge – “Velence öröksége”

    A 2022/2023-as Cantemus Kórusbérlet első hangversenyét, „Velence öröksége” címmel rendeztük október 29-én a Kodály Zoltán Általános Iskola hangversenytermében, melyen a SzegEd TRombone ENsemble és a Cantemus Vegyeskar közös produkcióját láthatta és hallhatta a közönség. A koncert programja szinte teljes egészében a velencei születésű Giovanni Gabrieli műveire épült, melyet Szabó Soma Liszt-díjas karnagy összekötő szövegei tettek […]

  • Schubert: Alfonso és Estrella

    CLASSICAL MUSIC, OPERA, THEATRE Helsinki Baroque Orchestra Conductor: Aapo Häkkinen Performers: Alfonso Patrick Grahl Estrella Lydia Teuscher Froila Krešimir Stražanac Mauregato Johannes Weisser Adolfo Arttu Kataja Featuring: Cantemus Mixed Choir (choirmaster: Soma Szabó) Helsinki Baroque Orchestra Creators: lighting design Mika Haaranen visualisation Sampo Pyhälä costume designer Elina Ström stage director Vilppu Kiljunen Schubert composed his […]

  • Festival Charity Concerts

    Cantemus Charity Concert

    International Charity Concert (from 20th June 2021 Sunday 7:00 p.m. to 10th July 2021) Performing Choirs at the Charity Concert Cantemus Gyermekkar  Young Voices of the Philippines – The Philippines  Stellenbosh University Chamber Choir – South Africa  Puzangalan Children’s Choir – Taiwan Pilgrim Children’s Choir – South Korea  Resonanz Children’s Choir – Indonesia  Kantabella – […]

  • Fresco – renaissance online concert

    Cantemus Mixed Choir - Fresco

      FRESCO – Online concert A live streaming concert by the Cantemus Choir of Nyíregyháza at the The Patrona Hungariae Co-Cathedral (Roman Catholic Church) online at 6:00 p.m. on Saturday, 6 March 2021.   The concert is featuring the new album by the Cantemus Mixed Choir titled Fresco, which creates a colourful tableau of the […]

  • Open weekend 15-19 May 2019

    Cantemus Open weekend

    Open Weekend at the magical workshop of Cantemus 15-19 May 2019 Organized by the world renowned Cantemus Choral Institute and the Zoltan Kodaly Primary School   Enthused and inspired by the success of our previous conferences for music professionals, the Cantemus Choral Institute, the Kodaly Zoltan Primary School is going to hold its next Open […]

  • Open Weekend