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  • From Bakelite to Spotify

    From Bakelite To Spotify Thinking about the number of recordings and the venues used for these during the 45 years of Cantemus is like opening the lid of an old treasure chest. Even those who have had an active relationship with the choirs of this family for decades may sometimes discover something unexpected or forgotten […]

  • Traditions

    Grand-Prix Tolosa

    TRADITIONS CANTEMUS SECRETS FROM BEHIND THE STAGE DOORS Everybody can have habits which over time can become traditions. It has been the same for the 45 year old Cantemus. Here Dénes Szabó shares the origins of some of these . ‘The infection ward’ To date we’ve never found out who to blame – or to […]

  • Cantemus concert dresses

    The story of the Cantemus concert dresses During the past 45 years of the life of Cantemus the stage appearance of our choirs has always played an important role. The precious concert attires worn by our choir members at various performances have always been custom made with the greatest care and professionalism by both the […]

  • Mrs. Ágnes Szabó

    Mrs. Ágnes Szabó ’Behind every successful man there is a woman’ – as the saying goes. When the achievements of successful people are accounted the fact that in addition to their own special qualities and motivation they can also attribute their success to the continuous support of a companion is often unjustly overlooked.  As part […]

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